Sunday, February 28, 2010

Africa, Africa!

L'International, Paris, last night. Merde awesome.

Sam got a big tattoo on his forearm before the show, which as packed tight with the most rock 'n roll crowd we've played to yet in France. Wild.

Lots of savory crepes during the day.

Went to a Senegalese bar afterward and partied with this amazing African troubadour and some really forward prostitutes. Big big beers - Biere La Gazelle, L'Ouest Africain, Dakar .

Had to lug our gear over today to the hotel from the venue, nearly tore my limbs out.

Now, gonna go bike down the Champs Elysees, through the Arc de Triomphe and watch the hockey game tonight at a bar in the Latin Quarter


  1. I was there!! Thanks a lot for your amazing show guys! can't wait to see you again around here in Paris!!!
    and by the way, Alex, I think I fell in love with your moustache...

  2. Alex it looks like you're having a blast. What a crazy wonderful adventure you guys must be on! Jeremy mentioned you'll be galavanting around somewhere when I get back to Canada in May for a couple of months, but hopefully I'll catch you somewhere in the world soon...

    Best wishes from New Zealand to wherever in the world you are now,


  3. oh yeah and you at the intro reminded me of a n SNL person i couldn't place...but then i remembered it was jimmy fallon and i'm not sure that is the compliment i thought it was originally.